Monday, 31 October 2016

Balloons in Room – Teamwork

A group of employees was working in a software company. It was a team of 30 employees. This was a young, energetic and dynamic team with keen enthusiasm and desire to learn and grow. The management decided to teach the employees about finding real solution to the problems.

The team was called to play a game in a banquet hall. The group was quite surprised as they were called for playing game. All reached the venue holding various thoughts. As they entered the hall, they found the hall decorated beautifully with colorful decorative papers and balloons all over the place. It was more like a kid’s play area, than a corporate meeting hall.

Everyone was surprised and gazed at each other. Also, there was a huge box of balloons placed at the center of the hall.

The team leader asked everyone to pick a balloon from the box and asked them to blow it. Every one happily picked a balloon and blew it.

Then the team leader asked them to write their names on their balloon, carefully so that the balloons didn’t blow up. All tried to write their names on the balloons, but not everyone was successful. A few balloons blew up due to pressure and they were given another chance to use another balloon.

Those who failed to mark their names even after the second chance were ruled out of the game. After the second chance, 25 employees were qualified for the next level. All the balloons were collected and then put into a room.

The team leader announced the employees to go to the room and pick the same balloon that had his name on it. Also, he told them that no balloon should blow up and warned them to be very careful!

All 25 employees reached the room, where the balloons carrying their names were thrown here and there. They were searching for the respective balloons carrying their names. While they were in a rush to find the respective balloons, they tried not to burst the balloons. It was almost 15 minutes and no one was able to find the balloon carrying his own name.

The team was told that the second level of the game was over.

Now it is the third and final level. They asked the employees to pick any balloon in the room and give it to the person named on the balloon. Within a couple of minutes all balloons reached the hands of the respective employee and everyone reached the hall.

The team leader announced; this is called real solutions to the problems. Everyone is frantically hunting for solutions to the problems without understanding the ideal ways.

Many times, sharing and helping others give you real solutions to all problems. Help out each other to ease things.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Mysterious Ways Of Fate!

Once a ferry was carrying passengers to cross a deep river. Passengers were in a hurry to reach their destination. The boat man became a little greedy looking at a good number of people. He was very happy, thinking that he would have enough money that day! So, he didn't refuse anyone to have a seat. All passengers were so impatient that they had no time to see the capacity of the boat but rode on it. The boat man unlatched the boat and started his journey.

The speedy water in the river was creating a horrible sensation among the passengers. Suddenly, on the middle of the river, the sailor felt that his boat was going to sink if the number of people would not be reduced. So, he earnestly requested a fellow to jump into the river as he was the extra one who didn't get a seat and stood in a corner.

The man politely asked,'Why me? What is my fault?'

The boat man responding his question explained that if he would not jump, then all the passengers would die because of excess weight in the boat!

The man thought for a while! He couldn't appreciate the idea of becoming a cause of death of so many innocent lives. So he decided to sacrifice his own life for the sake of others! Without any further delay, he jumped off!

After that, what happened was unbelievable! He jumped into the water and struggled for his survival. Few minutes later, when he looked back, he couldn't see either a trace of the sailor or the boat! The boat with all the passengers were simply vanished! However, with much difficulty, he reached at the other end of the river.

Ironically, he was the only survivor!!! The moment he jumped off, the whole boat sank in the water including the sailor and all of them died then and there! He just remembered the words uttered by the sailor 'all will die because of you, unless you jump'!

This is called 'Fate'. He was destined to live. Perhaps, that's why he was requested to jump not anybody else. Isn't it mysterious, the intricate workings of fate? We can't really figure out the ways of the supreme power we all believe in. 

How powerful and enigmatic 'fate' is!!

Monday, 24 October 2016

Power to Your Life

You have the Power to your life. Every force in the universe will do anything for you. But you have to use the power that you have!

It's time to dig deep. You have defied impossible before. In fact, the moment you were born, you defeated astronomical odds just by the very act of you coming into this world.

So, as illogical as your dreams may seem, understand  that you have what it takes. Dreams only seem unrealistic to people who base their potential on today's circumstances.

Your circumstances are temporary, but your potential will always be there waiting for you to awaken it. you owe it to yourself to stop simply existing and start truly living.

When you want to attract something into your life, make sure your actions don't contradict your desires. Think about what you have asked for, and make sure that your actions are mirroring what you expect to receive , and that they are not contradicting what you have asked for. Act as if you are receiving it. Do exactly what you would do if you were receiving it today , and take actions in your life to reflect that powerful expectation.

Make room to receive your desires , and as you do , you are sending out that powerful signal of expectation. Allow the universe to give you every good  thing you deserve, by being a magnet to them all.

To be a magnet for every single thing you deserve, You must be a magnet of Love..


Sunday, 23 October 2016

How to Be a Great Dad? 5 Tips That Helped Me The Most

Being a father is the most wonderful thing that can happen in the life of a man. Fatherhood provides a great feeling of completeness. Here are 5 tips that helped me the most to become a “Superman Daddy”!

1- Cherish Your Time With Your Children

Whatever time you are able to spare from your daily work duties, spend it with your children. Play with them, sing with them, dance with them, do everything that will make your children happy. Every single second you spend with your kids should be cherished by you. However, remain careful and don’t let your kids be addicted to video games. In fact, you should model good behavior into your kids by providing a healthy space for them. Both indoor and outdoor activities should be balanced.

2- Don’t Become a Workaholic

Don’t be a workaholic. Believe me, your family deserves a lot more attention than your work. Your work is important, no doubt but please leave all the hassles of your work in the office table. When you are at home, Children will notice the behavior of their dad, your children will learn to respect others too.
3- Learn What Your Children Want From You

Don’t be a confused dad! Have knowledge as to what your kids expect from you. Become a friend to them, not a dictator. If you become a friend then your children will share their feelings to you. This way you will get to know what your kids expect and what makes them happy. You can then become the world’s best dad by fulfilling their wishes. But, a word of caution here! Do not ruin the habit of your kids by giving them all they wish for. They must understand the value of money and time. Share love to them over luxurious gifts. Children are like saplings, they will become what the gardener wants them to be. You are the gardener of your children, so love them and help them become good human beings.
4- Enjoy Every Moment of Your Fatherhood, Time Flies Too Quickly

It’s been 6 years since my first child was born. But believe me, it seems like just a year and a half has passed by. Time flies too quickly than you can ever imagine. Hence, don’t postpone anything for tomorrow. Whatever your family expects from you, do it today!

Enjoy each and every moment of your fatherhood. Be there when your child is learning to walk, take them to the school, attend parent-teacher meetings, attend sports and cultural activities of your kids. Do whatever is required and cherish each and every moment.
5- Have a Great Sense of Humor and a Little Patience

Strictness is good but over doing it, is harmful. It is always better to have a little patience when it comes to raising your kids. Have a great sense of humor, laugh with your kids, laugh with their mom, just a few minutes of laughter each day can entirely change the atmosphere of your house. Who doesn’t love smiley kids? If their dad is smiling, the kids will also learn to smile. Amuse them wherever you can, whenever you can and sow the habit of humor on your kids. Don’t abuse and beat your children often, this way they might start hating you. Instead, make them understand what they did wrong in a polite manner. A strict voice is necessary if your kids are not taking you seriously but every time having a strict tone is not good. Adjusting yourself is the key here to finding the happy parenting balance.

Don’t Forget to Keep Yourself Happy

When there are a lot of responsibilities on our shoulders, the first thing that we tend to forget about is keeping ourselves happy. Remember, if you are happy, you can pass on that happiness to your family. So do everything that keeps you happy. Whether it’s buying your favorite music system or having a mug of expresso with your friends. Enjoying life’s little joys helps to get rid of negative energies and infuses a new positive attitude.

To become a super dad, you need to remain happy

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Learn how to change your day

If your day is not going well, stop and deliberately change your frequency by changing your thoughts and feelings. If your day is going swimmingly , keep doing what you are doing..

A new beginning is on your horizon but you must have the courage to push through,  declare your struggles over. Declare your enemies defeated. Declare yourself victorious. Do this with passion. Your own self-talk is a very powerful tool in cultivating your belief system and ultimately your results.

 Always forgive but never forget, learn from your mistakes but never regret , people change, things go wrong, just remember life goes on..

If you are defeated in your thoughts you will be defeated in your life. If you are a champion in your thoughts – your success is inevitable.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Learn to Live with Weaknesses

It was a fine day during the rainy season. A peacock was dancing happily in a forest. Suddenly he reminded of his ugly rough voice. His face turned pale and his eyes started watering.

Suddenly he saw a nightingale sitting on a nearby tree and singing. Listening her, the peacock lamented "what a sweet voice she has, which everybody loves and praises but when I utter a sound everybody makes fun of me. How jinxed am I".

Just then appeared Juna- wife of Jupiter, the chief of gods. She asked the peacock "why are u said?" The peacock sobbed out " I have got such a beautiful body that is praised by all but my voice is so bad that everyone laughs at it. So this beauty is useless".

The goddess replied " you are the only one who is unhappy. Several creatures have been gifted by god with various gifts like- you the beauty, eagle the strength, nightingale the sweet voice, so on and so forth. So don't grumble over your weakness, accept the way it is and be happy".

Hence, one should not regret on what he/she doesn't have rather be satisfied with what one has.

Friday, 7 October 2016


 Once upon a time there lived a cloth merchant in a village with his wife and two children. They were indeed quite well-off. They had a beautiful hen which laid an egg everyday. It was not an ordinary egg, rather, a golden egg. But the man was not satisfied with what he used to get daily. He was a get rich-trice kind of a person.

The man wanted to get all the golden eggs from his hen at one single go. So, one day he thought hard and at last clicked upon a plan. He decided to kill the hen and get all the eggs together.

So, the next day when the hen laid a golden egg, the man caught hold of it, took a sharp knife, chopped off its neck and cut its body open.

There was nothing but blood all around & no trace of any egg at all. He was highly grieved because now he would not get even one single egg.

His life was going on smoothly with one egg a day but now, he himself made his life miserable. The outcome of his greed was that he started becoming poorer & poorer day by day and ultimately became a pauper. How jinxed and how much foolish he was.

So, the moral of the story is- one who desires more, looses all. One should remain satisfied with what one gets.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016


One day, all the animals of a forest gathered to choose their king. The monkey danced such gay abandon there that everyone felt delighted. So, his name was proposed for kingship. Everyone voted in his favor and he became the king.

But the fox couldn’t tolerate the monkey rising to a high position. He felt envy of him and decided to humiliate him. One day, the fox was roaming around searching for food and saw a trap laid by some hunter. It had a piece of meat in it as bait.

The fox was intelligent enough to stay away from the trap. But he was sure that monkey wouldn'’t. So, he approached the king and brought him to the trap. The fox then said, “Here is a dainty piece of meat, sir! As a true subject of yours, I didn'’t touch it. So, enjoy it Your Honor!”

The monkey extended his hand for the meat and got trapped. The fox then laughed and said, “Kingship needs a lot of wisdom, sir!” 

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