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Top 4 lessons from CEO Gurus

Top 4 lessons from CEO Gurus on how to lead a billion dollar company

Some of the worlds most successful CEOs and young entrepreneurs shared their views on what it takes to lead a multi billion- dollar company. The CEOs we spoke to were:

  1.     Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group
  2.     Nate Blecharcyzk, Co-founder AirBnB
  3.     Peter Arvai, Prezi
  4.     Frederic Mazzella Bla Bla Car

1. You need to put some skin in the game early
Founding CEOs that put skin in the game early always take care of their cost base and are reminded of their sacrifice which helps create a culture of ‘spending the company’s money as if it were your own

2. It’s not about the money, it’s about being proud of what you do
     “I never imagined creating a billion dollar company yet alone 12.  I just wanted to create something I could be proud of” Sir Richard Branson 

Early CEOs that are driven by the money get enticed by a deal or an early exit, but ultimately if you want to build a sustainable billion dollar business it needs to be something which gives you a higher purpose and is something you are proud of.

3.  Come up with bolder and better solutions to problems and don’t be afraid of controversy
In almost every case of a successful unicorn there always seemed to be a negative reaction from the industry for example AirBnB, Uber, and the CEOs have to find a way of holding their ground and overcoming it. CEOs must not be afraid to be big, bold and deal with controversy.

     “I’m naturally inquisitive.  If I see something is not being done well, I’ll dive in and see if we can do it better” Sir Richard Branson 

4. Do both growth and profitability simultaneously
The best CEOs keep an eye on both the path to profitability and the next big breakthrough evolution in their business.

    “We are investing with a growth mindset and a growth vision, making sure the model is on the path to profitability but always making sure we make big bets on the side” Nate Blecharczyk, Co-founder AirBnB 

Steve Tappin

CEO Xinfu, CEO Coach & host of BBC CEO Guru


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