Monday, 29 February 2016

Where There Is a Will There is a Way

Once there was a bird catcher who would catch different kinds of birds. He trained them to sing and talk and then he sold the birds to other people. He wandered from one place to another to catch and sell the birds. 

One day he caught a beautiful parrot and put him in a cage. The parrot got so scared and anxious as his freedom was taken away from him.He felt helpless and couldn't understand that what would he do now. His life was completely changed in a few seconds.

Few moments back he was flying freely in the blue sky and now he was in a prison.

 The  parrot gathered his courage and told himself, '' I should not loose hope,  I have to find a way to get out of this cage and become free again.
The bird catcher started giving training of talking and singing to  the parrot  and the poor one had to learn that because if he would not the cruel man would poke him with stick. Soon the parrot began to talk and sing well.
One day when the bird seller was selling the birds on the street a man came to him and said ,'' Do you have a talking parrot who can sing as well? I want to give that as a gift to my wife."
"Yes sir , of course I have a parrot which can talk and sing beautifully. I am sure your wife will be very happy to have that parrot."
 He showed the little parrot to that man and said to the parrot, "Come on , you little parrot, sing a song for this gentleman."
"Maybe this is the chance for me to get rid of this cruel bird catcher and to get my freedom back.", thought the little parrot.
He sang a beautiful song in a sweet and melodious voice .The man got so impressed that he bought the parrot for his wife.
He reached home with the parrot and told his wife that he had bought a talking and singing parrot for her. The woman was so happy to get the gift.
The man said to the parrot, ''Come on little parrot ,say hello to madam and sing a song for her.'' The parrot said nothing and kept quiet. "Maybe he has got scared , because he is at a new place with new people. We will try later.", said the man.
Next day the man and his wife again spoke to the parrot but he did not say anything. Maybe he will speak after some days. A whole week passed but the parrot did not speak a single word .
Now the woman lost her temper and said to her husband, '' You lied to me, this parrot can't talk , he is dumb . I will not keep this useless bird in my home. She opened the door of the cage and said to the little parrot, '' Get out from here! You are good for nothing!''
The parrot came out of the cage and flew away in the sky. As they say - ''Where there is a will there is a way.''  

Aunt Mary


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