Wednesday, 27 April 2016

You can't run a legitimate business from your home

"You can't run a legitimate business from your home in NH while you raise your girls." That was the feedback I got when I started exploring the idea of building my company after leaving the corporate world to be with my kids.

Then it was, "You can't build a virtual career coaching practice. Everybody knows the best coaching is done in-person." Again my idea was trashed by people who thought they knew better.

Ironically, I've never taken well to being told I couldn't do something (thanks Mom and Dad!)

So, looking back, I realize what got me into entrepreneurship, and more importantly, what helped me succeed were all those naysayers. I never intended to run a company, but the road filled with people trying to push their negativity on me only helped me to see how much I needed to start my own business to prove them wrong.

I'm grateful for those people who said it couldn't be done."

J.T. O'Donnell, founder of CAREEREALISM


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