Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Failure Inspires Winners

This quote is taken from a book Mr. Kiyosaki wrote, titled: "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". If you haven't read this book yet I suggest you do. 

Everyone has failed or will fail at something in their life (often probably if you aren't fearful) but how do you react to it? In the book the author draws on the example of riding a bike. If we QUIT after skinning our knee one time we would not know how to ride a bike to this day! We would be afraid of failing and never get back on. Most of us however, got back on that bike, instead, and kept learning how to ride and then we went faster and got better! Now, we are bike riding masters! Simple enough of a lesson but many fail to apply the same principle in life.

We must understand that failure can MEAN many DIFFERENT things. Its could be personal rejection, physical injury, economic injustice and so on. Don't minimize what failure can be, because if you minimize it you tend to ignore it and that wont help!

So the point is this: DON'T QUIT after one failed or poor experience! Do not let failure defeat you but rather let it inspire you to try again and with each attempt get that much closer to becoming a winner and succeeding!


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