Thursday, 26 October 2017

Dad's Letter To his child on first day of school

Dearest Son,

Well, here it is – your first day of school. You’ve been jumping out of your skin with excitement about this for weeks now. And today you joined thousands of other kids to embark on your very first day at school.

This morning you got up before the sun and put on your bag – all by yourself and for real, not just for ‘practice’. When we arrived at your new school, you got out of the car, held my hand and literally skipped down the path towards your classroom, happy and excited about what this much-anticipated day would bring.

Your confidence assured us that there really wasn’t any reason to get upset. When it came time to say goodbye, you smiled and waved - and we left. There were no tears.

OK, so I did feel a little emotional as we left you in that classroom ... because it’s difficult to fathom that our Boy is so ready to be a school Boy.

You see, it really doesn’t feel like all that long ago that you were born. Such a precious little baby boy, you were. We called you our ‘Love Love’ because your Mom and I fell head over heels for you the moment we laid eyes on your gorgeous little face. Where have these Two years gone, already? And why does it feel as though the next five years are going to go even faster?

 Now you’re at school, you’ve reached the next stage in your life. Today you start on a journey of learning that will see you through your childhood and, hopefully, contribute in shaping you into a happy, successful grown up.

This is the point where your mom and I need to accept that you’re no longer just our little Love Love – your life is now becoming your own. This is the point where we must step back and allow you to shine your own amazing light on the world. Because we know there is so much light in you - you’ve been dazzling us for years.

I understand why this is so exciting for you - I'm excited for you too! I went on this journey as well, many years ago, and as an adult who came through the other side, I recognize the significance of this milestone. Today is a momentous first step on your life's journey and I feel so honored to be witnessing your world opening up.

Your school years will extend now for 16 years - longer, if you choose to go to university. It’s a long road ahead and during this time you will inevitably learn and grow into your own.

You will also discover many interesting facts, theories and possibilities about your world that will make you think, wonder and question for the rest of your life.

Friendships will come and they’ll go, intriguing and inspiring you sometimes, and disappointing and hurting you at others.

You will excel at some things and fail at others. You will fall over sometimes and struggle, but you will also learn to dust yourself off and get back up, which is the most important lesson of all.

This is the start of something amazing, Love Love. And we couldn't be prouder of you. You’ll be a child for such a short time, so be sure to enjoy this experience as much as you possibly can.

And know that you’ll never be alone - Blessing from Mom, Dad , Grandma and Grandpa will always be here on the sidelines to support you and cheer you on.

We love you so much.
Your Hero


  1. Wow..!!
    No words for this. !!
    Great lines Dhruval sir..!!✌✌

  2. Can't express how touching letter this was. Lots of love to Arham, I'm sure he's going to make everyone proud :) God bless.

  3. Great.. every parent loves his child but can’t explain in such lovey way..


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